Get Gorgeous Brows!

The strokes are so realistic, its hard to see what’s hair and what’s not.

No face is complete without fierce brows! Even when going for the natural makeup look, the primary wow factor or the ultimate fail weighs on your eyebrows. The thing is, not everyone has time for ultra glam-brows every morning and although it’s been said that eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, some of us would much rather they be as close to twins as possible and microblading gives all us girls in the world that chance!

We no longer have to imagine a life where your brows are fantabulous every morning, noon, and night no matter the weather or activity because it’s a reality. We also don’t have to feel our hearts break when we create a gorgeous set of brows and have to wipe them off every night with makeup remover and it’s all due to some serious glamour “ink”. There is now a solution.

The Solution
If you’re not aware already, microblading is a eyebrow feathering procedure that provides beautiful, full, natural, and face framing eyebrows 24/7! The strokes create the illusion of really brow hair. These brows also come with some great benefits including extremely low maintenance with retouches every 12 years, your brow shape stays the same and it’s wven to apply concealer for when you want arazor edged sculpted brow, and microblading will also act like a guideline when it comes to plucking, threading, or waxing hair that has grown in; just remove the hairs outside of the inked brow and you’re in tip top shape all over
It’s quick, in the right hands it’s precise, it’s water-proof, oil-proof, painless, and perfect for those who have thinning hair, are suffering from alopecia, or are going through chemotherapy treatment.

The Details
Microblading is also a safe option, especially for non-surgical hair replacement because the ink is generally not actually ink. It’s often a pigment blend that contains natural oxides which are dispensed through skin incisions made by a hand tool guided by an brow expert. Since the incision are often quite shallow and the pigments often made with natural colorsnts the brows often begin with a great depth of color that fades gradually over time. The amount of fading is another variable and it may take more than one session to get the maximum payoff. Most reputable artists include the 2nd session in the costs of the procedure. How much they fade over time however is based on how much time you spend in the sun or have abrasive treatments like microdermabrasion.

The Risks
The only real downside to microblading is not choosing an artist whose not really an expert. Before your appointment with anyone saying they know how to apply these brows, be sure to do your research and ask questions. Book a brow technician who is clean, has a sterile process, who work you like, especially if you dont want the same brows as everyone else and who uses marked facial measurements for precise brows instead of a freehand method. While it is just eyebrows, it’s essential that the expert behind the hand tool understands that it’s more than that; it’s your whole face

Love it and want it?

Not so fast.. microblading is not for everyone. If you’d like to see if you’re a candidate for Microblading take this Microblading Quiz to see if microblading is right for you.

If you know you are really to get gorgeous brows and your in the Philadelphia/Delaware area check out Vanity Brows, Makeup Skin @ and book your Free Virtual Consultation.


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