How to Get The Ultra Sultry Eye Look

One of the fastest ways to create a sultry eye look is to line, deepen, and smudge the color and then add mascara to complete.

Smooch Crystal2

How to Get Ultra Sultry Eyes ( See Eyeshadow Map)



1. Start with a eyeshadow primer to lock in the color and highlight your brow bone.
2. Fill in your lid with black or brown eyeliner.
3. Pat on a eyeshadow that matches the liner color closely.
4. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to pat eyeshadow onto of the liner to lock in and intensify the color.
5. Using a creamy gel pencil or cream liner, line the waterline and lower lash line with the same color.
6. Use a rusty or terra-cotta eyeshadow and using a dome or pencil shaped blender brush, sweep the color back and forth into the crease of your eye.
7. Take a smudge brush or a flat concealer brush and smudge the liner on the lower lashes.
8. For Extra Glam: I love to take the color I used to blend with, in this case a rusty color and then sweep in under the black liner on the lower lash liner creating a halo of color around the black liner. This is especially pretty with rose gold and brown metallic tones.
9. In the middle of the lid, I then apply a touch of golden cream eyeshadow alternatively you can spritz your shadow brush with setting spray and use your brush to pick up a golden or others shimmery eyeshadow and pat it only in the very center the eyelid apply a tiny dab in the inner corners near your tear ducts. Use a small blender brush to blur the edges.
10. Add top liner,I prefer liquid and 2 coats of mascara to both top and bottom lashes.
11. Optional : Apply invisible band false lashes for an even more intense look.


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