Go Pro Makeup Course Launching in August

If you are cosmetology student and you started beauty school so you can become a makeup artist or you wanted to learn hair but still wanted to be very good at makeup, I sympathize with you now, I do. The beauty schools today are teaching students primarily about hair because they are required to ignorer to get you to pass the license exams. In order to do this they focus very little to no attention to applying makeup in the real world.  Often the supplies makeup kits are subpar or even worse there is no hands on, just a textbook chapter. Students are often  left to watch youtube tutorials, practicing oon themselves and friends and investing in large amounts of makeup that every Beauty Guru is promoting and end up charing mere pennies for the work other professionals have been able to retire from.

If you aren’t a beauty student, you still know that becoming a makeup artist seems to be quite a trend these days. Some makeup artist hopefuls are working around the clock, watching tutorials, trying to shopping where the pros shop and practicing every chance  they get, it becomes expensive and sometimes they give up. I have seen it happen, they finally get good at it and can’t book enough clients to compensate for the makeup and the time they have invested.  Some of these women do become amazing at makeup, even booking  tons of clients, but often they do not have the other half of what they need.  They have the what without the how and why and the business parts.

The Go Pro Makeup Design Course offers a complete step by step hands on training that teaches you the how and the why of Makeup Artistry plus the business side of it to prepare you for immediate entry into the world of Professional Makeup Art.

The curriculum is well devised with the assistance of myself and of other beauty professionals to ensure all of the core essentials are covered, like color theory, sanitation and building your kit even theatrical and special effects are covered in this curriculum.

To ensure that our graduates are knowledgeable and highly skilled, this program requires exams, a final portfolio submission and a live model and professional photoshoot as your Final. These rigorous requirements ensure that when you leave you are ready to handle any client that comes your way.   Crystal Carmen Makeup Program strives to be a symbol of excellence in the field of makeup artistry and we will offer continuing education as well as one on one entrepreneurial support and resources for your career.

The Go Pro Professional Makeup Design course comes with a complete student kit filled with professional quality makeup that will allow you to go from class to booking clients. The full 2 day curriculum and a Certificate of Proficiency and Class Graduation Ceremony

The classes begin August 2018

Not ready to go pro? Take my  All Inclusive Contoured and Flawless makeup class


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