Dig This Spring Time Slay

Photo Shoot Time!

We were definitely serving face for this impromptu group shot for a summer shoot in New Jersey.  I was asked to bring on models and provide makeup to add to the growing fashion part of his portfolio and I delivered both. Imagine showing up with these 3  lovely curvy models who  came to slay. The work from this shoot will be featured in magazine as on my Members Group to discuss the details of the shoot.

Getting Ready….We started out rummaging through the each model’s model bags to create some fashionable pairings. This is always lots of fun and reminds me of helping your friend get ready for a hot date. I like to bring back up accessories and clothing to a shoot in case. We used some for this shoot! Next up we started the makeup and these girls were already beautiful so there wasn’t a lot of work there. My makeup assistant on this gig was Annalisa who is a Glamour Artists in training.

The final photos from this shoot ( not shown here) were aboslute  fire and you can see them all in my upcoming look book:  Fashion & Beauty in this Summer’s Queen Size Magazine so be sure to grab your copy. I have to admit we worked into the late hours but it was so much fun. The studio where we worked in was nice and  we already plan to go back for shots in the lobby.More about the models!

If you aren’t already following these curvy fashion models, it’s time to start now.  Brittany, Vincenta Burke and Plus Super Model Shenelle were such a great team. All three worked well together on this spring shoot collaboration with our fab photographer Sonic C Photography .

Photo: Sonic C Photography,  Models: Brittany Brown, Me,  Vincenta Burke  and Shenelle Lapierre

If you are looking for great photos and a comfortable environment with amazing throne props you may want to give Charles a call to set something up. He does great event photography too!  Check out on his work on his website at www.soniccphotography.com 

Looking for makeup for prom or a photoshoot in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware Area? Visit www.crystalcarmen.com to book me or a qualified Glamour Artist from my team.





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