8 great ways to use your highlighter!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I was a highlighting queen way before it became a mega trend. I love to glow and it shows. In the beginning, there were only two highlighters in the Pink Stiletto Cosmetic’s collection. Those two highlighter shades were Bronzed and Pearls and I used them to no end. Pink Stiletto Cosmetics now carries 8 different highlighter shades and I use almost all of them. When I pack my kit I pack these and they are multi-use friendly. So I figured I’d spill the beans and tell you 10 amazing ways you can use your Pretty Powder Highlighter from Pink Stiletto Cosmetics. You can use another brand of highlighter for any of these steps,  but I can’t guarantee you will have the same results.

1 . As a face Highlighter lol, you know I had to do that right? I hope you enjoyed that.

2. Provided the product is also eye safe you can use it as eyeshadow. (Pink Stiletto Cosmetics highlighters all contain eye safe ingredients.

3. Add some into your foundation for a dewey look.

4. Layered your pretty powders. I love to use one shadeon my cheekbones and forehead and a lighter shade for my nose and cupid’s bow.

5. Pour some loose highighter into clear nail polish to get a gorgeous nail color.

6. Use with body lotion for a DIY shimmering lotion.

7. Apply it wet! Use a moistened brush and apply it wet to lids or cheekbones for a super metallic effect.

8.  Make it an eyeliner. You can foil the powders with eyedrops or our Start To Finish setting spray for a metallic liner. Add enough until it’s a creamy conistency and apply with a liner brush.




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